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Antique Seth Thomas "Office Calendar No. 5" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Office Calendar No. 5

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas, "Office Calendar No. 5", C. 1884. Some collectors look a lifetime for this model. I haven't seen a half dozen in 25 years. This may only be the 3rd one I have had for sale. 50" walnut case with polished French walnut trimmings (according to the catalogs). I would have called it burl walnut that is polished like fine furniture. All the ST calendar movements are 8 day, time only, 1 weight that descends down the right side. Beat scale in the bottom, very nice nickel bob with the Seth Thomas circles, glass viewing port in the bottom below the pendulum. You can't see it unless the clock is hung very high. There are two labels inside, the white one reminding you not to oil the calendar movement and a black one with operating instructions and signed by ST. All Seth Thomas dials eventually are repainted, this clock is no exception as both 14" dials have been repainted, expertly I might add. The calendar rolls are original. The clock is in good running condition, very clean inside and out. There is no evidence the clock has been tinkered with, other than what may be needed with regular use over long periods. Ly-Seth Thomas #65. Millers-Calendar Clocks, #47.