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Antique Seth Thomas "Office No. 3" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Office No. 3

Catalog Description:

RARE Seth Thomas "Office No. 3" C. 1889. Mahogany veneer case is 21.5" high and probably never been refinished or even cleaned as it retains about 95% of the original gilt trim around the edges. All of the brass medallions are securely in place and they have never been cleaned or polished. There is a small wood chip on the lower right corner. The lower round tablet is original and has been backed with a heavy paper to help hold the paint. Both brass bezels look like they were never polished, the top glass looks to be original as none of the solder holding the tabs has been broken loose. The metal dial is just too nice not to be a repaint, and was well done. Good label inside the case, factory stamp on the back, "9881A", meaning the clock was made Jan. 1889. Now, why is this clock rare? It has an ALARM. None of the catalogs show a wall clock of this type or style with an alarm. Movement is 8 day and it strikes a coil gong.