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Antique Seth Thomas "Ogden" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Ogden

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas City Series, "Ogden", C. 1886. This clock was made during the period all companies were making nice parlor clocks each trying to outdo the other on quality and looks. In the 1890's they were making more kitchen clocks than parlor clocks. This clock is as nice as any city series I have ever had, and I have had hundreds. The case is a beautiful dark walnut, 21.5" high, with carvings, special trims, dentil molding, and some applied pieces. The carvings on each side of the door are part of the door and not attached to the case body. Inside the case is a black label, nickel accessories including pendulum with circular etchings, pendulum hanger, gong base, gong hammer, dial rings, and the alarm dial, all clean and polished. The movement of course is 8 day, striking the deep toned cathedral gong on the hours, and is running properly. Ly-Seth Thomas #217.