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Antique Seth Thomas "Ogden" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Ogden

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas Clock Co. City Series clock, the "Ogden", ca 1886. This is one of the earlier and nicer of the more than 100 city series clocks made by Seth Thomas. Beginning about 1890 they ceased making parlor clocks and began to make them have the kitchen clock look, particularly using the cheaper accessories. This excellent walnut case is 21 1/2 inches high, with great carvings and applied ornaments. A little burl walnut veneer trim on the top. Seth Thomas made use of their best nickel accessories, pendulum, pendulum hanger, gong base, and bezel. There is an old black label inside. The only flaw I see on this fine early clock is a replaced glass. 8 day movement, striking on a cathedral bell, running. Ly-Seth Thomas No.217.