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Antique Seth Thomas "Parlor Calendar No. 1" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Parlor Calendar No. 1

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas Clock Co. "Parlor Calendar No. 1", ca 1884. The largest of the mantle or Parlor calendar clocks at just a tad over 34 inches, the catalogs say they are 33 inches? Label on the door indicates this particular clock was sold and put to running on January 1st, 1877, which was immediately after they were granted the patent to an improved calendar mechanism. Seth then discontinued the Mix Brothers mechanism. This large mahogany veneered case has survived 117 cold winters and hot summers without the veneer or woodcracking and peeling. There are a few tiny veneer chips, sure not anything to worry about. The graining and burl on the front is just outstanding. The old paper dials are still on the original zinc pans. There is a full label on the door, another full label inside, a pendulum and 2 weights, all correct for this model. The movement is 8 day, strikes a coil gong on the hours. Ly-Calendar No. 626, Ly-Seth Thomas No. 88, and Millers "Calendar Clocks" page 15.