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Antique Seth Thomas "Pattern No. 8055" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Pattern No. 8055

Catalog Description:

C.1877, Seth Thomas, Sons and Co, NY, Pattern 8055, double statue mantel clock. This is a decent clock, but has a few faults: the pineapple finial on top should be an urn (although this looks OK) 2andgt; The musician at left is missing her flute; 3andgt; This clock was recently cleaned and is running strongly, but the repairman fitted an incorrect pendulum which we have replaced with the proper ST pendulum. However, now the suspension leader is incorrect. (easily changed). The porcelain dial is properly signed and with minor scratches; minute hand incorrectly replaced with a French hand. The casting itself is in good condition and the multi color finish is unusual. This model clock appears on the inside front cover of Distin and Bishop's The American Clock. Would be worth $1000 if correct. Height 16 1/2"