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Antique Seth Thomas "Regulator No. 8" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Regulator No. 8

Catalog Description:

C.1905, Seth Thomas, Thomaston, Conn, "Regulator No. 8 " Short, in excellent condition, with the oak case attractively refinished to a golden caramel color. The dial, hands, weight, damascene pendulum, pulley and all associated hardware are original. This clock uses the No. 62 movement with dead beat escapement and cut pinions, along with the large pendulum bob (stick only may be an old replacement; hardware is proper). Personally, this case (3" shorter than the long version) looks perfect with the large bob swinging about 3" off the bottom. The dial has a couple of minor flakes and some wear to the numerals from setting the hands. Model numbers 7 and 8 have become very popular in the last few years. (See lot 398); ht 52"