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Antique Seth Thomas "Rosewood, Shell Column" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Rosewood, Shell Column

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas, "Rosewood, Shell Column", ca 1875. Weight clock, similar in a lot of ways with the mainstay mantle clock, the OG clock. This clock is very similar to No. 496 as it is also made of rosewood veneer, shell columns, gold capitals and bases. I can almost call the clock perfect. The gold is about 100 percent. There are a couple of tiny veneer chips that you have to look hard to find. And I am in doubt about the lower glass, so I will call it a replacement. Signed brass movement strikes a coil gong, runs good. The old zinc dial has held the paint much better than we normally see on aSeth Thomas dial this old, and someone has touched up a half dozen chipped places. The old clock actually looks very good. Fantastic full label, a pair of period weights, brass pendulum and key. Ly-Seth Thomas No. 989.