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Antique Seth Thomas "Sonora Chime" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Sonora Chime

Catalog Description:

Very Rare Seth Thomas hanging Sonora Chime clock. The movements, dial, and bells are just like those used in the more common shelf model Sonora Chimeclocks. The Seth Thomas time movement is the common No. 89, and the Sonora chimingunit is No. 90. This one is a 4 bell model. The mahogany case is 25 inches tall, it has the original 8 inch painted zinc dial with a little paint loss, andis signed "Seth Thomas Sonora Chime". The case has a factory mark of "17", which no doubt means the clock was made in 1917. The old brass pendulum bobhas the Seth Thomas circular etchings. There are wooden cutout side windows that allow the pure tones and rich melodies to escape the confinement of thecase. I spent more time than I should have, researching wall Sonora's, andcame up empty. I am sure there are some out there in private collections, but in all my years this is the only one I have seen. A tiny bit of information is in the NAWCC Bulletin of August 1978, Whole Number 195; and Ly-Seth Thomas page 206-211.