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Antique Seth Thomas "Tudor No. 3" Model Clock

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Seth Thomas Tudor No. 3

Catalog Description:

Seth Thomas shelf clock, "Tudor No. 3", ca 1863. An early shelf clock in the round top style. Seth Thomas must have made millions from 9 inches to 16 inches high. It has a complete, black label. Movement is 8 day, half hour strike on a wire gong, alarms on an iron bell. That is, it should strike on a wire gong. The strike triggering lever and arbor are missing from the movement. The number "5 1/8" movement is running fine, so pretend it is a time only clock, unless you have the strike parts. Walnut case is 12 inches high, wood bezel, door knob. Unfortunately Papaw put a new paper dial on theold zinc pan rather than spend $15 to have it painted. Ly-Seth Thomas No. 952.